About Us

Our company

Our company imports exclusive to Italy clothing brands, original style and unique, suitable for lovers of rock, skull, bikers, tattoos. Very popular in the United States, have now taken hold in Italy, thanks to our company.

Provides stores (clothing stores, clothing shops and corner stores with official Garage and Harley Davidson) and sells to individuals only through this site.

Our brands

THE BRAND OF DIABLO: year after year we are surprised by the variety and creativity of his designs. A wide range of reasons ranging taste biker, hot road, Chicano. The highlights are her t-shirts well made and very durable.

KING MONSTER: young fashion, inspired by the most popular rock band, the cult movies and the cartoons of the 80s and 90s.

SuperCobra: 2014 new brand of high-end clothing offers very nice, with raw materials of high quality, inspired by the fashion of the early decades of the twentieth century.

The online shop

For those who have a store close to home or for those who love the web shopping from home, you can buy all our products with a few clicks and with the assurance of a prompt and professional service.